Marketing, Brand + Communications at Deezer

“Brand has touchpoints with virtually every team at Deezer. Our role at Deezer is to be the connective tissue between teams,

so that we can offer a cohesive and innovative brand experience across all of our touchpoints and markets, in order to win people’s hearts and ears.”

– Flore Tyberghein, Global Brand Director

Our team

We’re a diverse bunch working in offices around the world. We reach as many people as possible to explain the benefits of being part of streaming, convince users about why you should stream with us and forge partnerships to strengthen our brand and extend its reach.


What we do

  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Brand
  • PR
  • CRM
  • Partnerships
  • Social

Open Marketing, Brand + Communications roles

There are no open positions for now. However if you fancy working at Deezer, check out our open positions jobs
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