NLP Research Scientist - PhD Candidate

Paris, IDF, FranceContract

Company Description

We are music and tech fans from all over the world, working hard to make sure that Deezer offers audio fans an easy to use, fun and highly personalized experience. Our team of programmers, tech experts, artist and label specialists, marketing and communication professionals and, of course, our music editors make sure listeners can enjoy Deezer in over 180 countries around the world. We have a 'local hero' approach and love supporting local artists and music communities to help them reach more fans. Do you want to become one of us? Then read on!

Job Description


Listening to audiobooks is highly popular nowadays. Similar to music, people can listen to audiobooks anytime, anywhere, while often pursuing other activities in parallel. Thus, there has been increasing interest in how to meet the listener’s needs and ensure an enhanced audiobook listening experience. Various solutions have been proposed for book search and recommendation, augmented audiobook listening experience or automatic expressive text-to-speech narration. 

As an alternative to the audiobooks’ noisy speech data or transcriptions, many of these solutions work directly with the text versions as input. This allows them to take advantage of existing research in computational narrative understanding, which although scarce has seen significant progress in recent years. Multiple topics within computational narrative understanding are relevant such as narrative segmentation, agent detection including character attribute inference, or sentiment and mood analysis. Although these topics have been already addressed, as of today, they are still far from being satisfactorily solved. The challenges come first from the complexity of the tasks as their resolution has been proven quite difficult even for humans, but also on the fact that many of these tasks rely on existing computational solutions bearing their own limitations (e.g. named entity recognition with names of animated objects).

Primary mission

We are looking to a PhD student to tackle a selection of the computational narrative understanding problems, with an emphasis on multilingual and cross-lingual solutions. The candidate will start with a thorough literature review in order to document the topics of interest and identify challenges, existing solutions and research gaps. Then, for each of the chosen topics, research and development iterations will follow. The Ph.D. candidate will be hosted in the Deezer Research team which gathers research scientists and engineers and has published a significant amount of research papers in the proceedings of top-ranked international scientific conferences on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in the past five years.


What do you need to bring

- Master in Computer Science / Computational Linguistics / Applied Mathematics / Statistics
- Strong knowledge of natural language processing, applied machine learning and data mining
- Proficient programming skills
- Comfortable with academic reading and writing in English
- Creative with solution-oriented approach
- Hands-on and autonomous

Additional Information


- Start-up environment and philosophy
- Highly motivated and product-focused people ready to drive innovation
- In-house Deezer Sessions with your favorite artists, gig tickets
- Hackathons & meetups
- Friday drinks, summer and winter parties
- A stocked kitchen with free drinks and snacks
- Areas to relax and collaborate with beanbags, guitars and table football
- An ‘at home’ vibe, with great outdoor spaces
- Gym access, with lunch-time yoga, pilates and thai boxing classes

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