Our teams

Our international and passionate teams are spreading the love for music, working to make Deezer the most personal and innovative music streaming service.


The Commercial division helps the positioning of Deezer as the best partner for both existing and new B2B partners.

We collaborate closely with brands that share our vision of music: empowering music through technology and providing content to the most people possible.

This team generates significant revenue for Deezer by entering new markets to accelerate growth, as well as optimising processes and existing strategic partnerships.

Product & Tech

The #power of music, or the power behind the music… Deezer would not be what it is today without the Product & Tech division.
This division leverages technology to support our listeners, partners, and the company.

Their vision is to be the most authentic and forward-thinking music Experiences Service Platform. They are also behind the delivery of the most reliable Deezer solutions for users, artists, and B2B partners, by providing a consistent and best-in-class product experience.


The People division, as the name suggests, puts people at the heart of what they do! The People teams work together to make Deezer the most passionate and diverse employer where every day is an opportunity to grow.

This includes improving organisational design, attracting and retaining top Talents, and driving employee engagement and L&D opportunities.

And because we want everyone to feel welcome and safe at Deezer, the People division aims to build an inclusive culture, with regular D&I talks, e-learnings and dedicated work streams on multiple topics (Women In Tech, LGBTQ+, Ethnicity & Culture, Disability…).


We are the home of music! It’s the team that makes you tick. The Content division’s mission is to curate and produce the best content for our users.

They are in charge of exclusive content creation, sourcing, programming and artist marketing. We have plenty of editors curating special content to appeal to all of our users, here to provide the right soundtrack for every moment of your life.

We also collaborate closely with labels and artists alike to make our users feel and experience music in all of its forms.


The Marketing division determines who are our targets and their needs, and identifies how Deezer can become the most-loved streaming service.

From market research, marketing strategy, brand marketing, external communications or events and fandom, the marketing teams are here to ensure that our users and future users know who we are and what we do!


The Operations division is responsible for delivering decision-making insights and improving operational performance to make sure everything runs without a hitch in the company.

From Data analysis and CRM combining deep analysis and insights to improve performance and ultimately customer experience, to Brand Partnerships and Customer Care: they are all essential to drive higher engagement, global performance and ultimately customer satisfaction that allows our company to both grow sustainably and provide our users the best Deezer experience.


We have big ambitions at Deezer, always aiming for a better and innovative product. We strive to understand music and how it plays a critical role in our users’ lives and feelings.

From top notch research to prototyping and diversification, the Innovation division is behind some of our top functionalities, such as Flow by Deezer, #SongCatcher and “mix inspired by”. This is more than Music Streaming, and the role of this division is to create the best technologies based on research, experiment with them, as well as develop new revenue streams that go beyond music streaming to support innovation throughout the company, and provide our customers with a truly different experience.


From financial planification and analysis, accounting, data protection and setting the legal framework with external and internal compliance, the role of the Corporate division has an impact on many aspects of our organisation and is key to our continued growth and success.

It also identifies opportunities to grow as a company through M&A/fundraising/IPO, and takes care of shareholders management and external financial communication.