& DE&I

We believe music is about diversity & inclusion, multiculturalism and togetherness.

One common trait that connects Deezer employees is team spirit, innovation, a willingness to work well, and always being ready to celebrate success and have fun along the way.

So if you are convinced that music can change the world, and want to share your culture, individuality and experiences, there’s a place for you at Deezer!


The wealth of Deezer’s catalogue is reflected in the diversity of profiles that make up our teams, counting more than 50 nationalities, whether at their headquarters in Paris or in their other offices in Berlin, London, Sao Paulo and Bordeaux.

To ensure that everybody connects and exchanges together, employees can enjoy drinks to let the steam off! Also, as Deezer is the Home of Music, we have our own Deezer Parties, Deezer Band and many inspired DJs, so you’ll hear a lot of music talks in the office!

It’s also a pleasure to host the Deezer Sessions with amazing artists or to welcome them for interviews.


At Deezer, you can be true self as we believe that #everyvoicematters. To ensure that we develop a diverse and inclusive environment, we launched a DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) program involving our employees in internal and external initiatives.

Because we care and want to ensure each employee feels welcome and safe at work, we continuously focus on fighting biases and helping diverse teams work well together through multiple learning opportunities, e-learnings and workshops right from the onboarding:

  • Regular Diversity & Inclusion internal and external talks
  • Dedicated employee work streams on Gender equity, Ethnicity & Culture, Disability and LGBTQ+
  • Multiple e-learnings and mandatory training sessions for all managers
  • English and French courses for all, so that everyone can connect and feel included.

“We are a very diverse place, for us it’s extremely important to celebrate diversity and be who we really are”